PIAUHYLINO, BITTAR AND FONSECA – PBF is part of the distinguished list of the most respected law firms with national and international operations. It has a history of success in its various practice areas, notably in Corporate Law, Litigation and Regulatory Law.



Through constant improvement in the advancement of virtual techniques and electronic processes, we perform in several judicial districts across the country, as well as serving foreign companies, including a branch of our law firm in Portugal.



We have performed since 1940 in the preservation of our clients’ rights. Our history is marked by the provision of quality services for more than half a century, always looking for customer satisfaction through honest, transparent and confidential conduct.

Solid relationship and personalized service

Aiming at quality, our service is focused on each client, through the provision of an agile and efficient service. For this, the client has support via in-person, telephone, e-mail and WhatsApp communications.