Our law firm has adequate facilities and is located in a privileged area with easy access.

The PBF is located in front of the Cathedral of Brasília, National Museum of the Republic “Honestino Guimarães”, Cultural Complex of the Republic, National Library of Brasília “Leonel de Moura Brizola”, National Theater “Cláudio Santoro”, Esplanade of Ministries, Citizenship Square, among others, in the center of the Brazilian capital.

Our unit has state-of-the-art technology, allowing lawyers and clients a level of work and communication compatible with an increasingly globalized and competitive world.

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    Brasília – Brasil

    SAUS Quadra 01, Bloco M Lote
    4 Edifício Libertas / Sala 1305 a 1309
    Brasília-DF – CEP 70070-935

    +55 61 3321-7032

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    Estoril – Portugal

    Avenida Aida, Estoril Garden
    Blc. 1, Escritório 112 – 2765-187
    Estoril – Portugal

    351 932 653 116


    Fale com DPO: dpo@pbf.adv.br