With a team of highly specialized lawyers and performance in key sectors of the economy such as Telecommunications, Energy, Agribusiness, Export, Infrastructure, Civil Construction, Transport and Logistics. We have extensive expertise in Advisory and Litigation Law, performing in several areas.

Focused on legal advice and judicial defense of public entities, involving public contracts, expropriation, tendering and public-private partnerships. Our law firm also provides instruments to control administrative acts and to hold accountable for any irregularities to authorities and society in general.

We have expertise in several areas of agribusiness: as legal counsel in matters related to the acquisition of rural land; corporate and / or M&A transactions involving companies and other players integrated in the agribusiness chain; legal advice on securities trading on stock exchanges; operations such as Rural Product Certificate – CPR, Agricultural Deposit Certificate and Agricultural Warrant – CDA / WA, Agribusiness Draft of Credit – LCA, Agribusiness Credit Rights Certificate – CDCA, among others.

Currently, the growing search for alternatives and “green” adaptations has been the focus of the Brazilian market. We offer legal solutions that combine business purposes with society’s environmental interests.

Advice for alternative dispute resolution and representation of the parties involved through mediation, conciliation and arbitration as ways of peaceful resolution, avoiding confrontation.

Experience in drafting financial contracts for institutions, governmental and multilateral organizations; supervision of financial transactions (forwards, futures, options and swaps, shares, bonds, among others); syndicated loans, securitization, leasing, import and export financing in various sectors of the economy.

We develop services for national and international organizations.

We provide advisory services on compliance, risk assessment, corporate governance, crisis management and related issues, in order to ensure compliance with laws, rules and regulations applicable to good corporate governance.

We operate in the elaboration of several types of contracts, from their elaboration, analysis and legal opinions, both at national level, in other jurisdictions, as well as in international contracts.

We provide legal assistance in resolving disputes in different spheres of the Judicial Power, from the distribution of lawsuits in the courts as well as oral arguments in the appellate courts.

We operate in the assessment of competitive risks in corporate transactions; representation and performance related to Economic and Competition Law; legal advice on compliance with anti-competitive and compliance

Our law firm provides legal advice and consultancy in the administrative, environmental, civil, human rights and tax fields, with respect to legal-regulatory issues, commercialization, distribution, generation and transmission of several types of energy, as well as renewable energies.

We have experience in drafting and negotiating several types of real estate contracts, real estate partnerships, as well as property acquisition through corporate acts or out-of-court auctions and agreements related to commercial, industrial or residential properties. We also advise on matters relating to the granting of financing (SFH and SFI); as well as matters related to rural properties.

We operate in various sectors such as: basic sanitation, highways, transport, ports and airports, among others, providing legal advice to both public agencies and private companies.

We advise our clients in the consumer and business areas in order to achieve reduction of conflicts in relations with consumers and partners.

We operate in bankruptcy proceedings, in the determination and withdrawal of assets and liabilities, aiming at the closure of the company or the reorganization in order to maintain the activity and functioning of the organization.

Our lawyers advise on corporate and corporate governance issues in Brazil.


We provide legal advice to business groups, small and medium-sized companies, in Brazil and abroad, through the most diverse issues and procedures related to labor legislation and correlate court precedents.

Our performance in this area includes the most diverse taxes, tax sales, annulment of tax-deficiency notice, tax advice in the most diverse levels of tax coverage, whether Federal, State or Municipal.